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An enhanced portable heavy metals analysis system, with a combination of electrochemical and photometric instruments for improved ranges and additional parameters.

The Metalyser® offers easy field detection of cadmium, lead, zinc, mercury and arsenic, as well as low-range copper and manganese.

The Metalometer offers high-range copper and manganese, whilst adding aluminium, boron, iron, chromium (VI) and nickel.

Dual technologies offer a flexible solution for heavy metal screening applications.


Features & benefits of HM2000

Feature Benefit
Combination of two instruments, offering complementary techniques A wider range of parameters available within a single kit
High-range testing capability with Metalometer instrument Enhanced testing capability, reducing need for on-site dilution for faster results
Fast, accurate results without PC An ideal tool for rapid, effective field screening or process validation

Limits of Detection

Parameter Lower Limit of Detection (ppb) WHO Guideline Value (ppb)
Aluminium Al 10 N/A
Arsenic (III) As (III) 5 <10
Arsenic (Total) As (Total) 10 <10
Boron B 100 <2400
Cadmium Cd 3 <3
Chromium Cr (VI) 20 <50
Copper Cu 5 <2000
Iron Fe 20 N/A
Lead Pb 5 <10
Manganese Mn 5 <100
Mercury Hg 5 <6
Nickel Ni 100 <70
Zinc Zn 5 <4000

Technical Specifications
Analytical principles: Anodic & Cathodic stripping voltammetry; fixed wavelength visible absorption Parameters measured: Aluminium, Arsenic, Boron, Cadmium, Chromium (VI), Copper, Iron, Lead, Manganese, Mercury, Nickel & Zinc

Operating Temperature: Metalyser -20°C to +70°C; Metalometer +5°C to +40°C

Results obtained in minutes

Metalyser internal memory: 1000 data sets with facility to enter sample number, time and date, transfer via USB to PC

Metalometer internal memory: 16 data sets, time and date stamp, sample number, transfer via IR to PC

User Interface:
Metalyser: LCD full graphics backlit display: 128 x 128 pixels
Joystick cursor control, menu driven software

Metalometer: 4 digit backlit LCD, 4 button rubber keypad

Power:Metalyser: Rechargeable battery providing in excess of 50 tests per charge. Alternative power supply via mains adaptor or vehicle cigarette lighter

Metalometer: 4x user replaceable AAA cells – alkaline

Metalyser: Waterproof to IP67, CE conformity
Metalometer: Waterproof to IP68, CE conformity

Dimensions: Case 1 487mm (L) x 386mm (W) x 229mm (D); net weight: 9Kg
Case 2 411mm (L) x 322mm (W) x 168mm (D); net weight: 4.5kg

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