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Showing 1 - 24 of 28 products
Palintest Turbidity Tube (26 inch, 2-part)
Palintest Palintest Turbidity Tube (26 inch, 2-part)
Sale price£82.87
  Excluding VAT
Palintest Turbidity Tube (13 inch)
Palintest Palintest Turbidity Tube (13 inch)
Sale price£55.45
  Excluding VAT
Lovibond Turbidity Meter (TurbiCheck TB 210 IR) (replaced with 266030)
Lovibond Turbidity TD211-IR Meter
Lovibond Lovibond Turbidity TD211-IR Meter
Sale price£692.25
  Excluding VAT
Palintest Compact Turbimeter/Chlorometer Duo Kit( Replaced by code LUM 7051)
Palintest  Turbimeter Plus Kit, Hard Case
Palintest Palintest Turbimeter Plus Kit, Hard Case
Sale price£782.24
  Excluding VAT
Trace2O Turbidity Tube
Trace2O Trace2O Turbidity Tube
Sale price£79.88
  Excluding VAT
HydroTest® Turbidity HTTURB Trace2OHydroTest® Turbidity HTTURB Trace2O
Trace2O HydroTest® Turbidity HTTURB Trace2O
Sale price£365.00
  Excluding VAT
Lovibond Turbidity Tube
Lovibond Lovibond Turbidity Tube
Sale price£83.72
  Excluding VAT
Palintest Pool Turbidity Meter
Palintest Palintest Pool Turbidity Meter
Sale price£503.21
  Excluding VAT
Hanna Instruments-93703 Portable Turbidity Meter
Hanna Instruments-93703C Portable Turbidity Meter kit
Hanna Instruments-88703-02 Bench Top Turbidity Meter, EPA Compliant
Hanna Instruments-83414-02 Turbidity and Free and Total Chlorine Meter
Hanna Instruments-88713-02 ISO Turbidity Meter
Hanna Instruments-98703 Turbidity Meter
Hanna Instruments Hanna Instruments-98703 Turbidity Meter
Sale price£1,109.08
  Excluding VAT
Palintest Compact Turbimeter/Ammonia Duo Meter Kit

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