Palintest Round Plastic Test Tubes for Photometer 9 , 25, 7100, 7500

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These 10ml test tubes are specifically designed for ensuring precision and consistency in your water analysis. They are very durable so can withstand the rigours of frequent testing.

With consistent dimensions, these tubes fit perfectly in the following Palintest photometers:

  • 9 in 1
  • 25 in 1
  • 7100
  • 7500 

Lightweight and easy to handle, these test tubes simplify the process of sample collection, reagent mixing, and measurement.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Sample Collection: Use the test tube to collect a water sample, ensuring it is filled to the appropriate level as indicated by the photometer’s instructions.
  2. Reagent Addition: Add the required reagent to the water sample in the test tube, following the specific test procedure.
  3. Mixing: Gently mix the sample to ensure the reagent is fully dissolved or reacted.
  4. Measurement: Place the test tube in the Palintest photometer to obtain an accurate measurement of the desired water quality parameter.

Suitable for tests undertaken in food and pool environments

PT 524-5: pack of 5

PT 524-5-1: Single Cell

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