Palintest Instachlor - PR 150 (250 mg)

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Available Chlorine 150 mg

250 tablets

Instachlor PR Tablets provide a convenient means of small-scale water chlorination.

The tablets may be added direct to water containers, water tanks, wells or small reservoirs.

The choice of instachlor PR tablet will depend on the quantity of water to be treated.

Instachlor provides a practical solution for applications in chlorination, disinfection and sterilisation.

Instachlor PR tablets are a range of rapid dissolving chlorine release tablets for professional applications in water treatment, disinfection and emergency chlorination.

The tablets are prepared from an effervescent formulation containing sodium dichloroisocyanurate - an organic chlorine donor and dissolve rapidly when added to water to release chlorine into solution.

Instachlor PR tablets provide a simple and effective means of preparing chlorine solutions of known strength for chlorination, disinfection or sterilisation purposes.



Sku:WT 424 

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