Palintest Contour Comparator Kit Chlorine High Range 0-250mg/l

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Single Parameter

0 – 250 mg/l Chlorine

Palintest Contour Single Comparator Kit

Measures: 0 – 250 mg/l Cl2

More accurate than Pooltesters yet still a simple visual method, the Contour Comparator is designed for professional and residential user alike.


Contour Comparator,

Contour discs


Cuvette brush,

Crush/stirring rods,

Reagents for tests

Among the key features are:

Simple-to-use tablet methods coupled with our unique ‘petal’ disks – definite results every time

Iconic contoured profile to fit perfectly in the hand and provide grip even when wet

Complete single parameter kits including all required components to start testing immediately -

SKU: CKH 162/250

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