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Mercury Free for Low Chloride Samples

COD/400 0–400 mg/l O2

    • Ready to use reagent test tubes
    • COD reagent test tubes
    • Number of Tests: 25
    • Range: 0 to 400mg/L
    • Type: COD reagent test tubes

Additional Details :CAS Number : 7664-93-9 Weight : 0.54000kgTransport : UN number : 3264 Chem class : 8 Pack group : II

Mercury Free for Low Chloride Samples

COD/400 0 – 400 mg/l O2

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For ultimate convenience, the Palintest range of Tubetests® offers pre-dispensed reagents for minimal handling and ease-of-use.

For applications such as Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), nutrients (ammonia, nitrate and phosphate) and heavy metals (chrome, copper, iron, nickel and zinc) the Tubetests range provides the solution – literally.

Among the benefits of the Tubetests approach: 16 mm OD tubes for improved resolution – larger diameter tubes are more sensitive in the lower part of the measuring range

Full range of accessories – heater blocks, tube racks, workplace mats and pipettes – to provide the complete solution for Tubetests analysis Barcoded reagent labels for automatic test selection on the Photometer 8000 – including automatic blanking for COD testing.

Available in packs of 25 tests, the Tubetests range of reagents supports the activities of any effluent monitoring laboratory.

Add any multiparameter photometer or the 9100 UV-Vis spectrophotometer to your heater block and reagents for a complete wastewater analysis system. -

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