Nutrient Agar with TTC* and Malt Extract Agar

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Dipslides are safe, reliable, economical and fast at giving an indication of the presence of bacteria.


Ideal for monitoring microbial growth wherever the potential may exceed 1000 organisms per ml of sample fluid



Nutient Agar with TTC* and Malt Extract Agar; Malt Extract Agar is a growth medium for yeasts and moulds, which reduces bacterial growth. High levels of bacteria can overwhelm the suppression.This slide offers a total count on one side and Yeasts and Moulds on the other.


  • Dipslides Features Large paddle for easy reading.
  • Flexible paddle for maximum surface contact.
  • Airtight Easy To Use lid.
  • Conveniently boxed in 10’s.
  • Comparator chart provided.


Palintest equivalent to PT 711


Box of 10


Sku: BTM2

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