Lovibond SD 315 Oxi (Set 1)

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Waterproof Hand-held Meters for the determination of Dissolved oxygen (O2)/O2 -Concentration/O2 -Saturation Temperature


  • Rugged, water resistant (IP 67)
  • PC interface (USB / serial or analog)
  • Automatic buffer detection (SD 300 pH)
  • Data logger and alarm function (min./max.)
Portable handheld instrument for the determination of dissolved oxygen. It's reliable, rugged, and ideal for instant measurements with no time-consuming polarization time, thanks to the Clark oxygen sensor.
  • No polarization
    The well-known Clark oxygen sensor allows immediate measurement without polarization time.
  • Versatile
    The SD 315 Oxi is aimed at industry, laboratories and urban facilities, such as sewage treatment or water works.
  • Data management
    A data logger and the corresponding logger software ensure simplified processing of the data obtained.
    To ensure that this works under all visual conditions, the device is delivered with a backlit display.
  • housing
    The protective armor not only guarantees a secure grip but also protection against fall damage.
    The stand attached to the back of the housing can also be used as a hanger or belt clip.
  • Alarm
    The integrated alarm alerts you if the measured value deviates once from the predefined values.
  • Auto-Hold
    The auto-hold function makes it easy to read the measured values.

Technical Data:

Display Backlit LCD
Data Logger Manual Logger: 1000 data sets (single value by keystroke). Auto. Logger: 10000 data sets (cyclic, time interval: 1 - 3600 s)
Power Supply 2 AAA batteries
Auto – OFF Yes
Portability Portable
Temperature Compensation yes
Compliance CE
Protection Class IP 67
Languages User Interface German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese
Dimensions 98 x 37 x 164 mm
Weight 287 g

Additional Accessories Available:

Testparameter Measuring Range Method No.
Oxygen 0 - 70 mg/l O2
Oxygen 0 - 600 %
Temperature 0 - 50 ° C


Delivery Content:

  • Instrument in protective armouring including electrode holder
  • Batteries
  • Oxygen sensor with 2 m cable
  • Electrolyte solution (KOH) 100 ml
  • Calibration bottle with sponge
  • 2 pcs. spare membrane heads
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty information
Available Accessories:
Part Number
Oxygen sensor for SD 310 / SD 315 Oxi with 2 m cable, Platinum cathode / Lead anode 19805050
Oxygen sensor for SD 310 / SD 315 Oxi with 10 m cable, Platinum cathode / Lead anode 19805051
Oxygen sensor for SD 310 / SD 315 Oxi with 30 m cable, Platinum cathode / Lead anode 19805052
Service Set for Oxygen sensor SD 300 / SD 315 Oxi consisting of 3 pcs. Spare Membrane Heads and 100 ml KOH (1.18 mol/l) Elektrolytle solution 724670
KOH 100, Spare Electrolyte, 100 ml for SD 310 / SD 315 Oxi 19801130
Protection cap for Oxygen sensor SD 310 / SD 315 Oxi for depth measurement (PVC) 19805055
Protection cap for Oxygen sensor SD 310 / SD 315 Oxi for depth measurement (brass) 19805056
Bottle for storage and calibration 19805057
USB cable, for connection to a computer for SD 300 / SD 305 724620
GSOFT 3050 Windows-Software with logger for SD 300 / SD 305 series 724625
Case incl. foam for SD 305 series 725070

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