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The Scuba is a must-have at every pool worldwide. The new generation of the popular electronic pool tester now makes monitoring pool hygiene even faster, more versatile, more handy and easier. Mobile analysis management included!

Test parameter                 

Measuring Range

Alkalinity-m T

5 - 300 mg/L CaCO3

Bromine T

0.2 - 13.5 mg/L Br2

Chlorine T

0.1 - 6.0 mg/L Cl2

Copper T

0.1 - 5 mg/L Cu


20 - 120 mg/L CyA

Hardness Calcium (B) T

50 - 500 mg/L CaCO3

Oxygen active T

0.2 - 10 mg/L O2

Phosphate LR T

0.06 - 3.0 mg/L PO4

pH-value T

6.5 - 8.4 pH

  • NFC: Data transmission via chip
    The passive NFC chipThe passive NFC chip in the Scuba3s ensures wireless data transfer to an external device with an active NFC reader (e.g. smartphone). It works like putting on your debit card when shopping:
    Simply hold the mobile phone close to the Scuba3s - and everything is on the device. All data records are transferred simultaneously and are immediately available in the PoolAssistant app for evaluation. A data set includes the serial number and firmware version of the device, the name and number of the method, the dates and time of the measurement, the results and the units. A cloud is also available for data storage.
  • The PoolAssistant app: Quick overview always & everywhere
    The PoolAssistant app helps you to evaluate the measurement results. After transfer via NFC, up to 3 users can immediately call up the data for each control parameter for a maximum of 5 pools. The app also classifies the results as diagrams for you and gives you tools for the right pool care, the appropriate chemistry and water quality. In the FAQ section, all important questions about pool water care, water hygiene or Langelier index are answered. You can also get valuable tips here.
  • Light signals for instant certainty
    The light signals in the Scuba3s immediately show via the coloured backlight of the display whether the measurement result "fits" or not. If the light is green, the measurement result is within the ideal measuring range and you can start having fun in the pool. If the light is red, caution is advised: The measurement result is above or below the globally accepted measurement range for safe swimming. Also when evaluating data with the PoolAssistant app, the results are classified with green and red signal colours. The app also helps you to find the cause.
  • More control parameters
    With 11 tests, the Scuba3s offers even more possibilities to control the water quality in the pool based on the most important ingredients. For this purpose, choose with just a few button presses: chlorine (total, free, bound), bromine, pH value, alkalinity-m, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, active oxygen, copper and phosphate provide information on whether the water quality in the pool is correct. The measuring process is now even faster.
  • New design, more functionality
    Its ergonomic design remains: The Scuba3s also fits comfortably in one hand. The back is flattened so that it cuts a good figure everywhere. With the screwable battery compartment, the electronic pool tester is guaranteed waterproof and joins in every pool fun with reliable results. With 4 multifunction buttons, you can easily find your way around the user menu on the larger display accompanied by intuitive animations and icons.
Optics White LED, multichannel optical sensor with diffusor.
Display LCD dot matrix with backlight (white/red/green), 35 x 25 mm
Interfaces NFC (Near Field Communication)
Operation Foil keypad
Auto – OFF Yes
Internal Storage 100 data sets
Power Supply 2 batteries (AA)
Battery Life Time approx. 5000 measurements (without backlight)
Portability Portable
Degree of Pollution 2
Maximum altitude above sea level 3500 m
Environmental Conditions temperature: 5-50 °C relative humidity: 30-95 %,
Protection Class IPX7-Protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water according to DIN EN 60529
Compliance CE
Dimensions 70 x 45 x 145 mm
Weight 165 g
Weight with Packaging 165 g

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