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Scuba II test kits use the standard photometer test tablets and not the scuba testing tablets.

Test / Range

Alkalinity Total M 0-300 mg/l

Cyanuric Acid 1-160 mg/l

pH Value 6.5-8.4

Chlorine 0.1-6 mg/l

Bromine 0.2 - 13.5mg/l


    • Scuba II in robust box

    • Reagent tablets

    • 20 each DPD No.1 & Phenol Red Photometer

    • 10 each DPD No.3, CyA-Test & Alkalinity-M Photometer

    • 2 Batteries (AAA)

    • Stirring rod

    • Instructions

Scuba II test kits use the standard photometer test tablets and not the scuba testing tablets.

    Every pool owner should check the most important parameters in his pool at regular intervals. This is the only way to ensure that water quality is maintained at an right level and to arrange dosing in an optimum manner.

    The Scuba II enables the operator to check the pool water quickly and accurately. The integrated sample chamber filled by immersing it in the water. A tablet reagent is added and generates a characteristic colour which can be measured using the photometric principle. The result is then displayed on the screen.

    Five parameters, free chlorine, total chlorine, pH, alkalinity and stabilizer (cyanuric acid) are measured within a few minutes. Water analysis becomes a pleasure rather than a chore and more time is left for enjoying the pleasure of the pool. If the Scuba II falls into the water it will simply float and, of course, it is watertight.

    Why not try this compact test equipment – after all, the knowledge that you are safe in a thoroughly hygienic pool is worth a little effort.

    If you wish to purchase further products for your kit, the replacement codes are as follows:

    Stock code                     Description                                         Quantity

    51 10 50BT             DPD No 1 Free Chlorine Tablets                Box of 100

    51 10 51BT            DPD No 1 Free Chlorine Tablets                Box of 250

    51 10 80BT            DPD No 3 Total Chlorine Tablets               Box of 100

    51 10 81BT          DPD No 3 Total Chlorine Tablets                Box of 250

    51 17 70BT          Phenol Red Photometer Tablets                 Box of 100

    51 17 71BT          Phenol Red Photometer Tablets                Box of 250

    51 13 70BT          Cyanuric Acid Tablets                                Box of 100

    51 13 71BT          Cyanuric Acid Tablets                               Box of 250

    51 32 10BT          Alka-M-Photometer                                Box of 100

    51 32 11BT          Alka-M-Photometer                               Box of 250

    364120-1            Single Plastic Stirring Rod                             1

    364120               Plastic Stirring Rod                                Pack of 10

    We supply high quality water testing tablets and kits available from leading manufacturers Lovibond and Palintest.

    We can supply the full range of Lovibond and Palintest equipment from their catalogues.

    If you cannot find an item from Lovibond or Palintest in our shop then send us an email and we can provide you a quote and arrange postage direct from the manufacturer at a price often 20% less than the recommended retail price.

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