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The Lovibond® MultiDirect is a microprocessor controlled photometer with ergonomically designed keypad, large graphic display and waterproof sample chamber and casing. It can operate as a bench top photometer using mains power, and is supplied with rechargeable batteries for portable use.

The unit covers all the important parameters for water analysis from Aluminium to Zinc and has over 70 methods pre-programmed. Compatible with tablet, liquid and powder reagents and supplied with vial adaptors for 13 mm and 16 mm tubes, the MultiDirect gives flexibility of choice for many tests. In addition to the pre-programmed methods, up to 10 user defined calibration curves can be programmed if required.

A large graphic display aids analysis by providing on screen method prompts, information regarding test measurement range and reagent type, and automatic countdown timers for accurate reaction periods. The internal memory is capable of storing up to 1000 results with date, time and sample ID. These results can be reviewed at any time and can be downloaded to a PC via the supplied RS232 cable.

With 6 LED light sources the Multi Direct can measure at peak absorbances for many different methods, ensuring result accuracy and reliability for many applications.

Test / Range
Acid Demand 0.1-4 mmol/l
Alkalinity Total 5-200 mg/l
Alkalinity P 5-500 mg/l
Ammonia LR 0.02-2.5 mg/l
Ammonia HR 1-50 mg/l
Boron 0.1-2 mg/l
Bromine 0.05-13 mg/l
Chloride 0.5-25 mg/l
Chlorine Dioxide 0.05-11 mg/l
Ammonia 0.02-1 mg/l; 0.01-0.8 mg/l
Aluminium 0.01-0.3 mg/l; 0.01-0.25 mg/l
Chlorine 0.01-6 mg/l; 0.02-4 mg/l; 0.02-2 mg/l
COD 0-150 mg/l; 0-1500 mg/l; 0-15000 mg/l
Copper 0.05-5 mg/l
Cyanide 0.01-0.5 mg/l
Cyanuric Acid 0-160 mg/l
Deha 20-500 μ g/l
Fluoride 0.05-2 mg/l
Calcium Hardness 0-500 mg/l
Hardness 2-50 mg/l; 20-500 mg/l
Hydrazine 0.05-0.5 mg/l; 0.01-0.6 mg/l; 0.01-0.7 mg/l
Hydrogen Peroxide 0.03-3 mg/l
Iodine 0.05-3.6 mg/l
Iron 0.02-1 mg/l; 0.02-3 mg/l; 0.02-1.8 mg/l
Manganese 0.2-4 mg/l; 0.01-0.7 mg/l; 0.1-18 mg/l
Molybdate 1-50 mg/l; 0.5-66 mg/l
Nitrate 1-30 mg/l
Nitrite 0.01-0.5 mg/l; 0.01-0.3 mg/l
Nitrogen Total 0.5-25 mg/l; 5-150 mg/l
Active Oxygen 0.1-10 mg/l
Dissolved Oxygen 10-800 μ g/l
Ozone 0.02-2 mg/l
PHMB 2-60 mg/l
Ortho-phosphate 0.05-4 mg/l; 1-80 mg/l; 0.06-2.5 mg/l; 0.06-5 mg/l; 5-40 mg/l; 0.05-5 mg/l
Phosphate Total 0.02-1.6 mg/l; 0.02-1.1 mg/l
pH Value 5.2-6.8; 6.5-8.4; 8.0-9.6
Potassium 0.7-12 mg/l
Silica 0.05-4 mg/l; 0.1-1.6 mg/l; 1-90 mg/l
Sodium Hypochlorite 0.2-16 %
Sulphate 5-100 mg/l
Sulphide 0.04-0.5 mg/l
Sulphite 0.1-5 mg/l
Urea 0.1-2.5 mg/l
Zinc 0.02-1 mg/l
Chlorine (total) 5-200 mg/l

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