Lovibond Legionella Early Warning Indicative Test

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Product Name
Legionella Early Warning Indicative Test

Test / Range

CFU 100 CFU/L (0.1 CFU/ml

The Legionella Test uses an immuno-chromatographic assay to detect the presence of cell surface antigens from Legionella bacteria in a sample. The presence of antigen causes the "Test Line" to turn red in colour. A "Control Line" is included which always turns red on successful completion of the test.

This test can provide a rapid indication fo the presence of Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1, the most commonly recorded cause of Legionnaires Disease. This rapid test is a very useful addition to periodic laboratory culture tests for Legionella. It should not be used as the sole method for assessing the presence of Legionella. If results with this rapid test indicate the presence of Legionella, then confirmation with a laboratory culture test should be carried out.

Case Containing

5 Test Strips
5 Recovery Buffer Solution in Syringes
5 Hollow Fibre Filters
1 Sample Point
1 Collection Vessel

Bacteria Detected Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1
Detection Method Lateral flow immunochromatographic assay
Test Volume 100μL, exact volume disposable pipette provided
Specificity Tested against a wide range of waterborne bacteria, including Acinetobacter calcoaceticus, Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. Hydrophila, Bacillus subtilis, Burkholderia cepacia, Citrobacter freudii, Citrobacter koseri, Escherichia coli, Enterobacter cloacae, Klebsiella oxytoca, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Pseudomonas putida, Pseudomonas stutzeri, Ralstonia pickettii, Raoultella terrigena, Streptococcus pyrogenes, Yersinia ruckeri. No cross reactions observed at concentrations <109 CFU/sample.
Sample Parameters pH 5-10
Sample Temp 15-45°C (59-113°F)
Operating Temp 15-40°C (59-104°F)
Operator Time ~ 1 minute
Test Development Time 25 minutes
Shelf-Life 18 months from manufacture when stored at room temperature (<30°C) in original packaging

This product has been tested with a range of common biocides and biodispersants used in Legionella control, at their normal maximum operating concentration. Active ingredients tested include: glutaraldehyde, didecyl-dimethyl-ammonium chloride, isolthazoles, dibromonitrilopropionamide, ionic and non-ionic surfactants.

This test gives a false positive if used with polymeric biguanide.

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