Lovibond Checkit Comparator Test Kit- pH Value (Phenol Red)

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The Lovibond® CHECKIT® comparator is a compact, lightweight colorimetric unit suitable for both mobile and static water analysis. Available with a number of different colour scales, it provides the basis for a comprehensive easy-to-use analysis system.

Each CHECKIT® Comparator Disc contains a continuous colour scale for exact colour matching between standard and sample.

Range: pH value T 6,5 - 8,4 pH

Disc: Phenol Red(pH): 146100 

Suitable Reagents

Phenol Red Rapid  100 pack   511790BT

Phenol Red Rapid   250 pack  511791BT

Phenol Red Rapid   500 pack   511792BT

Delivery Content

CHECKIT ® Comparator with standard optics
30 tablet reagents Phenolred Rapid
2 plastic cuvettes 10 ml with lid
Plastic stirring rod, length 10 cm
Instruction manual
Warranty information
in case


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