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The Lovibond® CHECKIT® comparator is a compact, lightweight colorimetric unit suitable for both mobile and static water analysis. Available with a number of different colour scales, it provides the basis for a comprehensive easy-to-use analysis system.

Each CHECKIT® Comparator Disc contains a continuous colour scale for exact colour matching between standard and sample.

Each CHECKIT® Comparator Kit is supplied in a carry case with Comparator, Vials, Discs, reagents and method instructions for all tests.

Range: Aluminium T 0 - 0.3 mg/L Al

Disc: Aluminium T 146200

Suitable Reagents

Aluminium No.1        100 515460BT
Aluminium No. 1       250 515461BT

Aluminium No. 2       100 515470BT
Aluminium No. 2       250 515471BT

Set Aluminium No. 1/No. 2 100 each 517601BT
Set Aluminium No. 1/No. 2  250 each 517602BT

Delivery Content

CHECKIT ® Comparator with standard optics
CHECKIT® Disc Aluminium
30 tablet reagents Aluminium No.1
30 tablet reagents Aluminium No.2
2 plastic cuvettes 10 ml with lid
Plastic stirring rod, length 10 cm
Instruction manual
Warranty information
in case

sku: 147200



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