Lovibond Checkit Comparator Chlorine 0.02 - 0.3 mg/l

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CHECKIT® Comparator Test Kits are accurate, easy to use test kits for water analysis. Simply add the reagent to the sample cell, rotate the disc until the colour matches the prepared water sample and read the concentration value.

Test Range: Chlorine D55 T 0.02 - 0.3 mg/L Cl2

Disc: Chlorine DPD: 146000

Suitable Reagents

DPD No.1   100 pack   511050BT

DPD No.1   250 pack   511051BT

DPD No.1   500 pack  511052BT


DPD No.3   100 pack   511080BT

DPD No.3   250 pack   511081BT

DPD No.3   500 pack   511082BT


DPD No.4  100 pack   511220BT

DPD No.4  250 pack   511221BT 

Delivery Content

CHECKIT® Comparator D 55 with mirror optics
CHECKIT® Disc Chlorine DPD
30 tablet reagents DPD No.1
30 tablet reagents DPD No.3 Evo
2 plastic cuvettes 10 ml with lid
Plastic stirring rod, length 10 cm
Instruction manual
Warranty information
in case


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