J-Quant Chlorine Indicator Strips (0-1000mg/l)

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Test Strips measures chorine in the following ranges;
  • 0 - 50 - 100 - 250 - 500 - 1000 mg/L Cl₂

J-QUANT® Chlorine

  • Chlorine in solution such as chlorinated disinfectants or sanitisers can be measured easily and rapidly with this basic, reliable and cost effective test.
  • There are no reagents to mix as everything is on the test strip for the reaction to occur.
  • Depending on the level being determined, a solid result can be seen in less than one minute.

  • Water reservoirs, water mains suppliers and swimming pools globally still utilise chlorine based products for disinfection or sanitisation. Electroplaters also utilise chlorine to detoxify cyanide containing waste.
  • Regulations in some countries may dictate the use of chlorine test strips to ensure the correct concentration of sanitiser solutions are being used as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Algae production can be avoided, contaminants can be eliminated and toxic microbes can be eradicated if chlorine is at the right level.
  • Water borne infection can be minimised and safeguards can be put in place to prevent build up from impurities with routine monitoring of chlorine levels.
  • This level needs to be maintained with routine checks of the amount of chlorine. Too much chlorine can also bad as it can spoil the taste and smell of water. In some cases it can become unsafe for drinking.
  • In the USA, test kits must be on hand to verify the concentration of sanitisers in accordance with federal, state and local health regulations.
Test Strips measures chorine in the following ranges;
  • 0 - 50 - 100 - 250 - 500 - 1000 mg/L Cl₂

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