Hanna Instruments-993310 Direct Soil Conductivity Kit

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The Hanna Hanna Instruments-993310 is an instrument that has been specifically designed to address the need for correct and rapid conductivity measurements in soil and liquids.

he Hanna Instruments-993310 has been designed to address the need for fast and accurate conductivity measurements in soil and liquids. It is supplied with two probes: Hanna Instruments-76305 with stainless steel, conical tip for direct soil measurement and Hanna Instruments-76304 for fertiliser enriched solutions.

The Hanna Instruments-993310 measures soil conductivity in EC (mS/cm) as well as salt activity (g/L). The different scales can be selected through two keys on the front panel and two LEDs indicate which parameter is being tested.

In addition, Hanna Instruments-993310 is equipped with an alarm LED that illuminates if the soil is too dry or nutritive substances such as potassium or nitrogen are lacking. Demineralised water can be added to the soil prior to proceeding with further tests.

Direct soil measurement is facilitated by the stainless steel Hanna Instruments-76305 probe. Once inserted into the ground, the user simply waits until the meter displays the value read by the auger-like probe.

Product uses:

  • Agriculture

  • Horticulture

  • Hydroponics

Main benefits:

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation

  • BEPS (Battery Error Prevention System) alerts the user in the event that low battery power could adversely affect readings

  • Supplied with two probes

Supplied with:

  • Hanna Instruments-76304 conductivity probe

  • Hanna Instruments-76305 direct soil conductivity probe

  • Battery and instructions

  • Rugged carrying case

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