Hanna Instruments-96814 Refractometer for wine with Oechsei, Babo and Brix scales

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Hanna offers five wine refractometers to meet the various requirements throughout the wine industry. The Hanna Instruments-96811, Hanna Instruments-96812, Hanna Instruments-96813, Hanna Instruments-96814 and Hanna Instruments-96816 Digital Wine Refractometers are rugged, lightweight and waterproof for measurements in the lab or field.

The Hanna Instruments-96814 is used across the wine industry for measuring the concentrations of sugars in wine.

This digital wine refractometer is rugged, lightweight and water resistant for measurements in the lab or field. Measures the refractive index and displays % brix, Oechsle (°Oe) or KMW (°Babo) measurements.

Priced inexpensively does not mean a compromise on accuracy, the Hanna refractometer offers all the benefits of high precision digital technology at the same price as a mechanical model.

In addition to measuring in %Brix, the Hanna Instruments-96814 includes two other scales used in the wine industry: °Oechsle and °KMW.

°Oechsle is mainly used in the German, Swiss and Luxemburg winemaking industry to measure the sugar content of must. The °Oe scale is based on specific gravity at 20°C and is the first 3 digits following the decimal point. 1 °Oe is roughly equal to 0.2 %Brix.

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