Hanna Instruments-76407/10F Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Probe with protective sleeve, 10m Cable

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The Hanna Instruments-76407/10F is a standard polarographic dissolved oxygen probe with a 10 metre cable for HANNA benchtop and portable dissolved oxygen meters. It contains a platinum cathode and silver anode and is for use with Hanna Instruments-76407A/P PTFE membrane caps. The probe has a protective sleeve making it ideal for use in rugged or demanding environments.

The Hanna Instruments-76407/10F is a Polarographic dissolved oxygen probe with internal temperature sensor and a 10m cable.

Calibration is fast and simple, and measurements are temperature compensated. The sensitive PTFE (PolyTetraFluoro-Ethylene) membrane can be changed in a few seconds.

Hanna Dissolved Oxygen probes are extremely rugged and perfect for laboratory and field applications.

The probe is made of durable ABS plastic and contains an integrated temperature sensor for temperature compensated measurements. It is compatible with our Hanna Instruments-76407A/P PTFE membrane caps. Each membrane separates the probe’s platinum cathode and silver anode from the water sample being measured. Oxygen diffuses across the membrane and interacts with the polarographic system to produce a current proportional to oxygen concentration. Each cap is easily filled with Hanna Instruments-7041 electrolyte and screwed onto the probe.

Key features:

  • Shielded, waterproof cable

  • Cable protective sleeve

  • PEI probe for best field protection

  • Linearised and accurate thermistor temperature sensor protected behind a stainless steel cover

  • Silver wire anode element

  • Glass encapsulated platinum cathode

  • Screw cap membrane that holds potassium chloride electrolyte solution (Hanna Instruments-7041S)

  • Thin, permeable PTFE membrane isolates the sensor elements from the testing solution, but allows oxygen to enter (Hi-76407A/P)

  • Hole for solution cycling

  • Protective sleeve for field applications

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