Hanna Instruments-7609829/4 Probe for pH/pH+ORP/ISE, DO, EC, temperature with HI 7698295 SPS

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This probe is for use with the Hanna Instruments-9829 multiparameter meter.

Probe with short protective shield and 4m cable

Probe for pH/pH+ORP/ISE, DO, EC, temperature with Hanna Instruments-7698295 Short Protective Shield and 4m cable.

The use of Hanna’s microprocessor-based multiparameter intelligent probes with Hanna Instruments-9829 will provide reliable data collection that can lead to an improved scientific understanding of the interconnections between natural, chemical and geological processes and manmade pollution to effectively evaluate applications for waste discharge permits, remediate contaminated sites and to protect or restore biological resources.

Reliable temperature measurements are a critical parameter of aquatic system monitoring. Temperature and temp changes due to water releases can affect the ability of water to hold oxygen as well as the ability of organisms to resist certain pollutants. The intelligent probes incorporate an accurate thermistor that change predictably with temperature changes.

The probes utilise field replaceable sensors with auto-recognition. The sensors are housed with the probe electronics in a rugged housing and water-tight cable connection. The Hanna Instruments-7609829 probe allows conductivity, pH/ORP (or an ISE), and dissolved oxygen measurement.


Hanna offers a selection of seven sensors to be used on the intelligent probes. Sensor replacement is quick and easy with screw type connectors that are colour coded for easy identification. The Hanna Instruments-9829 automatically recognises sensor presence.

The Hanna Instruments-7609829/4 EC/turbidity sensor is field replaceable and offers readings from both parameters at the same time.

All potentiometric sensors feature a double junction design which is gel filled to increase resistance to contamination. One of the ISE sensors can be used in place of the pH sensor and is automatically recognised. pH in mV readings are also displayed – which is useful for troubleshooting.

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