Hanna Instruments-7082M Electrolyte Solution for Double Junction Electrodes, 3.5M KCL 230mL

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Performing a simple maintenance check on the electrode before each use can bring peace of mind on reliability.

Hanna Instruments-7082M Electrolyte Solution for double-junction electrodes 3.5M KCI (230ml)

Hanna Instruments-7082M is a 3.5M Potassium Chloride solution designed to refill the electrolyte solution of double junction electrodes.

Double junction pH and ORP electrodes will require the 3.5M Potassium Chloride refill (Hanna Instruments-7082), because it has two chambers. The inner chamber has the Ag/AgCL reference wire with a fill solution of KCl plus AgCl, while the outer chamber has a KCl fill solution providing a Silver-free solution. This is important as Silver can precipitate easily in the presence of heavy metals and block the outer reference junction resulting in a longer response time and poor performance.

Top-up your double junction electrode as required.

  • Silver free to eliminate silver precipitation.

See the Hanna range (various sizes available):

  • Hanna Instruments-7071 Electrolyte Solution 3.5M KCl + AgCl

  • Hanna Instruments-7072 Electrolyte Solution 1M KNO3

  • Hanna Instruments-7075 Electrolyte Solution 1.7M KNO3 0.7M KCl

  • Hanna Instruments-7076 Electrolyte Solution 1.0M NaCl

  • Hanna Instruments-7078 Electrolyte Solution 0.5 (NH4 )2 SO4

  • Hanna Instruments-7082 Electrolyte Solution 3.5M KCl

Hanna Instruments-8071 Electrolyte solution, 3.5M KCI +AgCl, Hanna Instruments-8082 Electrolyte Solution 3.5M KCI, and Hanna Instruments-8093 Electrolyte Solution 1M KCI + AgCl are available in 30ml x4 bottles, US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approved.

Useful information:

Hanna electrolyte fill solutions are made using high quality reagent-grade chemicals and are manufactured to the highest standards for precision and accuracy.

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