Hanna Instruments-5421 Research Grade DO & BOD Bench Meter

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Hanna Instruments-5421 is a research-grade benchtop meter with extensive capabilities in measuring DO as well as BOD, OUR, SOUR and atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Hanna Instruments-5421 has a large, graphic LCD, backlit for improved clarity and a user-friendly soft touch keypad.

This is a highly advanced instrument featuring an intuitive menu system to streamline the workflow process and provide accurate measurements quickly and efficiently.

DO measurements can be performed in ppm (mg/L) range or in % and feature automatic or manual temperature and atmospheric pressure compensation and manual salinity compensation.

Automatic and manual calibration of dissolved oxygen can be performed in one or two points using standard or user-defined standards.

Users can set the reading stability criteria choosing from three modes: Fast; Medium; or Accurate. When measurement stability is reached, the direct/autohold feature automatically holds the reading on the display. In direct reading mode, the user interface can be set to basic with or without GLP, graphic or logging information.

Key features

  • Extended DO range up to 90ppm (mg/L) and 600%

  • Three salinity scales: practical salinity, natural sea water, percent

  • Measures DO, atmospheric pressure & temperature

  • DO direct, DO direct/autohold, BOD: Biological Oxygen Demand, OUR: Oxygen Uptake Rate, SOUR: Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate

  • Temperature and atmospheric pressure automatic compensation

  • Manual salinity compensation

  • Large log memory with different logging methods

  • Polarographic probe with built-in temperature sensor

  • Improved backlit display

  • Capacitive touch key pad

  • Clean user interface

  • On-screen help

Advanced measurement

The Hanna Instruments-5421 can be used to perform a full range of DO, BOD, OUR and SOUR measurements together with atmospheric pressure and temperature.

The DO probe uses the polarographic principal of measurement and has a built-in temperature sensor. The BOD, OUR and SOUR methods are supported with a dedicated tutorial and step by step guide to ensure a full and correct reading of DO using this specific measuring method.

Up to 10 profiles can be saved and recalled eliminating the need to reconfigure each time a different electrode is used. User definable configurations can include:

Reading mode

  • direct or BOD, OUR and SOUR measurement units

  • temperature units

  • stability criteria


  • temperature

  • atmospheric pressure

  • salinity

Three selectable logging modes are available: Automatic, Manual and AutoHold logging. Up to 100 logging lots can be stored for automatic or manual modes. Automatic logging also features a selectable area and sampling period.

GLP informatics includes complete data about user calibration of each parameter and identification information for the instrument, user and company.

Data can be transferred to a PC via the opto-isolated PC interface via the RS232 or USB ports and Hanna Instruments-92000 Windows compatible software.

All features are available in English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Contextual help is available through a dedicated HELP key with clear tutorial messages and directions available on-screen. This guides users quickly and clearly through the procedures to facilitate accurate measurement and calibration.

Supplied with

  • Hanna Instruments-76483 DO probe

  • Hanna Instruments-76404N electrode holder

  • Hanna Instruments-7041S electrolyte solution (30mL)

  • DO membrane caps (2)

  • 12 VDC adapter

  • Quality certificate

  • Instruction manual

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