Hanna Instruments-3897 Olive Oil Acidity Test Kit

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Titration is used to find the concentration of an identified chemical in a solution (e.g., water).

In our standard Titration kits, there will be a Titrant solution that is added to the liquid to be tested to make it change colour. The Reagent is then added under monitored conditions.

The Hanna Instruments-3987 is an easy, affordable and accurate way to determine the quality, classification and freshness of your olive oil.

Acidity (as % oleic acid) is the most fundamental measurement of olive oil. It is the primary indicator of olive oil purity and freshness. The quality of olive oil is directly related to the degree of breakdown of the fatty acids in the oil. As the bound fatty acids break down, free fatty acids are formed, which increase the % acidity of the oil. Acidity, is a measure of the free fatty acid present in the oil, which is directly related to its purity.

Normally, testing acidity is a complicated process requiring the use of various chemicals in a laboratory environment. With the Hanna Instruments-3897 test kit, it is possible to easily and accurately test the quality of olive oil at various stages of processing and storage to monitor and maintain the highest quality.

The Hanna Instruments-3897 kit utilises a titration method where the endpoint is visually determined when the colour changes from yellow-green to pink.

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