Hanna Instruments-3835 Salinity test kit

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Salinity is ecologically important in that it influences the type of organism that can live in the water. The optimal concentration of salinity varies from species to species.

Titration method.

Measures the salinity in water from 0 to 40g/Kg.

Salinity Test Kit

The Hanna Instruments-3835 salinity test kit measures salinity using a fast and efficient titrimetric method. The test requires only a few simple and safe steps to obtain results.

The salinity level in g/kg is determined by a mercuric nitrate titration method. The pH is lowered to approximately 3 by addition of nitric acid. Mercuric ions react with chloride ions to form mercuric chloride. When excessive mercuric ions are present, it complexes with diphenylcarbazone and forms a purple solution. The colour change from yellow to violet indicates the endpoint.

Order information

The Hanna Instruments-3835 salinity test kit is supplied with the following:

  • 15 mL diphenyl-carbazone indicator

  • 30 mL nitric acid solution

  • 120 mL titrant solution

  • Plastic vial

  • 1 mL calibrated syringe with tip

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