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The versatile design of edge®blu allows it to be used as a portable, wall-mount or benchtop meter. Clearing the clutter, edge®blu sees the end of trailing cables by wirelessly connecting to the pH electrodes with Bluetooth® Smart technology.

edge®blu uses Bluetooth® Smart technology (low energy) for outstanding battery life.

Operate up to 10m distance from compatible pH electrodes for versatile measurement in the lab or field.

Lightweight and easy to hold edge®blu works well as a portable meter. Or, if you need more space on your bench simply place it in the wall-mount and continue to use as normal. If you prefer the traditional bench top approach just place edge® in its cradle on the bench.

The edge®blu kit includes a HALO™ Hanna Instruments-11102 gel filled Bluetooth® electrode

Key features

  • Two USB ports: edge®blu includes one standard USB for exporting data to a flash drive. edge®blu also includes one micro USB port for exporting files to your computer as well as for charging when the cradle is not available.

  • Data logging: edge®blu allows you to store up to 1000 log records of data. Data sets include readings, GLP data, date and time.

  • GLP: Data of the last calibration you perform is stored in the sensor including the date, time and buffers used. When the sensor is connected to edge®blu, GLP data is automatically transferred.

  • CAL Check™: edge®blu features Hanna's exclusive CAL Check™ technology to warn you if the electrode bulb is not clean or if the buffers are contaminated during calibration.

  • Capacitive touch keypad: edge®blu features a capacitive touch keypad that gives a distinctive, modern look. Since the keypad is part of the screen, your buttons can never get clogged with sample residue.

  • Easy to read LCD: edge®blu features a 14 cm LCD display that you can clearly view from over 5 m. The large display, with its wide 150° viewing angle, provides one of the easiest to read LCDs in the industry.

  • Zero footprint: Using the wall mount cradle (included), edge®blu can be placed on a wall, leaving zero footprint on the benchtop space. The cradle has a built-in connector to power and charge the batteries.

  • Sleek design: Incredibly thin and lightweight, edge®blu measures just 12 mm thick and weighs just 250 g.

  • pH electrode with Bluetooth® Smart technology - revolutionising the way pH is measured

edge®blu is supplied with a professional pH probe with Bluetooth® Smart technology (Bluetooth® 4.0).

The Hanna Instruments-11102 is a high quality, double junction, glass pH probe with a built-in temperature sensor that can be used virtually anywhere: in the field, laboratory or classroom.

Additional features

  • Uses Bluetooth® Smart technology

  • Resolution selectable from 0.01 and 0.001 pH

  • Range -2.000 to 16.000 pH

  • Accuracy

  • ±0.002 pH for 0.001 pH resolution

  • ±0.01 pH for 0.01 resolution

  • Data logging

  • Manual log-on-demand

  • Manual log-on-stability

  • Interval logging

  • CAL Check™ Indicators:

  • Probe condition

  • Response time

  • Check buffer

  • Clean electrode

  • Temperature readout (°C or °F)

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)

  • GLP data

  • Records data, time, offset, slope and buffers used during calibration

  • Five-point calibration

  • A choice of seven pre-programmed buffers plus two custom buffers

  • Calibration tag on screen

  • Identifies buffers used for current calibration

  • Calibration expiration warning

  • Basic mode

You can use edge®blu Basic Mode - ideal for routine measurements by displaying a simplified screen and features

Supplied with:

Bench-top stand, electrode holder, bracket for wall-mount, USB cable, power adapter, instruction manual, Hanna Instruments-11102 pH electrode with Bluetooth® Smart technology, sachets of pH 7 buffer solutions, sachets of pH 4 buffer solutions, sachets of electrode cleaning solutions, battery for Hanna Instruments-11102

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