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Branded box of NRB Tube Tests


The Nitrite tube test is used to detect the presence of nitrite reducing micro-organisms in:

  • Cooling Waters.
  • Metal Working Fluids.
  • Effluents.
  • Sewage water.
  • Any water which contains a nitrite corrosion inhibitor.
  • Environmental Waters


The Nitrite Reducing Bacteria (NRB) tube test is designed to assess the contamination of water samples with nitrite reducing bacteria.

Nitrite reducing bacteria are able to metabolise nitrite, decreasing the levels in the water system. This will dramatically reduce the effectiveness of nitrite as a corrosion inhibitor. Furthermore, metabolites of this process, ammonia and nitrogen gas, are aggressive corrosive agents. Ammonia will increase the pH of the system, increasing the corrosive potential.

The test consists of a pale orange medium in a clear vial with a screw top. The medium is able to detect NRB’s in an aqueous sample and provides a semi-quantitative, easily interpreted result in the form of a colour change and bubble production, after 5 days of incubation.

The NRB tube test can also be used to test for de-nitrification in effluents and sewage systems ect.


Sku: 56B010910

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