Chlorination Test Kit with Liquids


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  • Ideal for mobile treatment engineers.

  • Compact & portable design.

  • Easy to follow waterproof instructions.

  • Clear product labelling.

  • Available in tablet or solution test kit.

  • Key test parameters included;

    • Chlorine HR (10 to 300 mg/l),

    • Chlorine LR (0 to 4 mg/l),

    • pH (0.00 to 14.00 pH).

Note: Range is dependant on measuring instrument used.


Chlorination is the process of adding chlorine to water as a method of sanitizing and purifying it to prevent the spread of infection and disease. Chlorinated water systems require careful monitoring to ensure the correct conditions are achieved and maintained whilst operational and during the disinfections process.

Failure to achieve the correct chlorination levels in disinfections or sanitizing can lead to unsuccessful disinfections and conversely elevated levels can lead to potentially corrosive conditions.


The DTK Chlorination test kit has been developed specifically for engineers and treatment professionals responsible for the chlorination and disinfections of water systems. The kit is available in two options; tablets or solutions. This Chlorination kit has been designed to measure low and high levels of chlorine from 0.1 mg/l to 4 and 10 to 300 mg/l using two different test chemistry’s.

Applications for this kit include;

  • L8 Infection Control.

  • BS6700 Chlorination.

  • Increased biological activity.

The kit provides convenience, accuracy and speed, utilising tablet and liquid reagents with a comparator. The reagents and equipment are specified below.

The CRK004L is supplied in a robust carry case with reagents and instruments secured by a high quality chemical resistant foam insert with sufficient chemical reagents to carry out between 100 and 200 tests.


Contents Range Displayed As Code
TEKNO 2004 Mini Case with Foams EDT030
Waterproof Instructions EDT084
CHECKIT® Comparator EDT085
2 x 10 ml Square Plastic Cells EDT006
pH1 – pH/Temperature Meter
0 to 14

Chlorine LR (Comparator)
0 to 4

mg/l Cl2
CHECKIT® Chlorine LR Disk 146020
DPD No 1 Solution A (30 ml) SDT505-30
DPD No 1 Solution B (30 ml) SDT506-30
Chlorine HR (Comparator) 10 to 300 mg/l Cl2
CHECKIT® Chlorine HR disk 146030
Chlorine HR (30 ml) SDT179-30
Acidifying Solution (30 ml) SDT180-30
Calibration Solutions pH1 Meter
pH 4 Buffer Solution (65 ml) SDT119-65
pH 7 Buffer Solution (65 ml) SDT118-65
pH 10 Buffer Solution (65 ml) SDT161-65

**Tablet version of this kit is available upon request.

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