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Tests presence / absence of coliform bacteria w/ E.coli confirmation using UV Light or Kovacs' reagent

The EZ Coliform Cult (XGAL/MUG) is an EPA compliant test. When performing this simple test, the media turns blue-green in the presence of Coliform bacteria. E. coli growth is confirmed by blue fluorescence under UV lightor using a Kovacs reagent. You can know the total Coliform presence/absence with E.coli confirmation by fluorescence or Kovacs. Results will show in 24 hours when the temperature is 95° F/35° C or 48 hours when the temperature is 77° F/25° C.

The XGAL/MUG test uses safe chemistry; EPA compliant method published in the Federal Register/Vol. 67, No. 209. Fill the bottle up (already containing P/A broth) with 100ml of sampled water from the source you want to test, let it sit at room temperature for 48 hours.

A colour change from purple to yellow indicates the presence of Coliform bacteria. This method is a simple modification of the multi-tube method. No other reagents or accessories are needed for this test.


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