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If you're looking for the alternaitve to the Wagtech Arsenic test kit then consider this machine from Tace2O

No toxic gasses products, including arsine gas

Low cost per test

No hazardous mercuric bromide involved

No plastic waste from used consumables

Speciates both As III and As V on one meter

Long life rechargeable batteries (included)

Low maintenance push fit electrodes

Lightweight single case kit (less than 7 Kg)

Accurate down to 1ppb

5 minute test

Waterproof IP67 unit with rugged backlit LCD display

No PC required to gain results

High capacity (1000) data point logger

USB connectivity for data transfer to PC

Complete with all reagents, consumables and accessories for 200 As tests

The Trace2o Arsenometer™ allows completely portable analysis of your water sample, down to as low as 1ppb of Arsenic.

The lightweight waterproof unit is capable of speciation between Arsenic III and Arsenic V within 5 minutes without the production of arsine gas or the use of prohibited substances such as mercuric bromide, making the process safer and faster for the user.

The tests produce no plastic waste that can harm the environment if not properly disposed of, and comes complete with all reagents required for 200 Arsenic tests. Additional tests are readily available on request.

Kit Contents

The Arsenometer™ kit comes complete with the following:

  • Hard shell foam lined carry case
  • Arsenometer™ unit – Fully waterproof (IP67) buoyant rugged meter
  • USB Cable
  • Detachable weighted sonde with 5 electrode ports on 70 cm cable, with extension capability
  • Working electrode, reference electrode with fill solution, 8mL and counter electrode
  • Attachable sample cup
  • Plastic wash beaker
  • Long life rechargeable batteries
  • Mains charging adaptor
  • Glass polishing platen with dish
  • Polishing cloths
  • Polishing slurry 1000ul variable volume pipette (pk 50)
  • Disposable pipette tips
  • Plating solution (Gold)
  • Buffers: AS1 Buffer (50 tests) & AS2 Buffer (50 tests)
  • Reference standards for 200 tests
  • Stirrer oil, 8mL
  • Deionised water, 500mL
  • Manual

Technical Specification

  • IP67 rated
  • Sonde with push fit detachable electrodes
  • Detectable parameters As V (via Total Arsenic) As (III)
  • USB data transfer
  • 1000 point datalogging
  • Rechargeable battery for over 50 tests between charges
  • Alternative power supply via mains adaptor or vehicle port
  • Built in analysis software
  • Backlit graphical LCD display
  • Rugged housing
  • Operating Temperature -20oC to 70oC
  • CE Marked

Case dimensions 510x400x270mm

Weight less than 7 Kg

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