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Combining the accuracy of the Soiltest 10 photometer with the simplicity of Palintest soil test methods, the SKW 500 provides agronomists and farmers alike with comprehensive professional soil testing capability for macronutrients and micronutrients.

Understanding nutrient requirements across an arable area is quicker and simpler when taken directly to the field. Designed to operate in all environments and conditions the SKW 500 includes:

Simple yet reliable test protocols for macronutrients (soil pH, N/P/K), micronutrients and trace minerals including
Includes the waterproof and Bluetooth-enabled Soiltest 10 photometer for laboratory accuracy in the field.
Provided in an IP67 hard case including all reagents and apparatus to begin soil testing immediately

Simple, reliable soil testing
Using simple test methods, Palintest soil testing protocols are designed for field or laboratory use and validated against more complex laboratory procedures.

Soil pH and N/P/K Testing
Developed for the professional agronomist and crop scientist, the SKW 500 includes soil pH testing and N/P/K macronutrient analysis. Soil nitrate nitrogen is enhanced with soil ammonia nitrogen testing for a full view of available soil nitrogen.

Soil Magnesium, Calcium and Sulphur
Determine the available concentrations of calcium and magnesium, essential for root tip growth and chlorophyll production. Calcium in soil is determined using the Palintest Tablet Count method, providing a virtually unlimited working range. Sulphur availability is an ongoing issue and affects soil nutrient uptake and hence crop yield.

Chloride in Soil and Soil Conductivity/Salinity
Determine chloride specifically using the Palintest Tablet Count method or use the electrochemical technique provided by the Multiparameter Pocket Sensor to rapidly determine both soil conductivity and salinity for areas of salinization concern.

Soil Aluminium, Copper, Iron, and Manganese
Key members of the micronutrient group, simple test protocols for trace minerals ensure effective availability across the arable environment.

Lime Requirement Testing
Simple soil testing for lime addition requirements is included, using the unique Palintest Lime Buffer reagent in conjunction with electrochemical pH measurement.

Comprehensive and ergonomic kit contents
Creating a portable soil laboratory requires experience and expertise. Reagents, sample preparation equipment and analysis hardware are all included within the protective case, located in clearly allocated positions for ease of testing and storage.

Soiltest 10 Bluetooth Photometer Included
Apply laboratory accuracy and repeatability in any location with the robust Soiltest 10 Bluetooth photometer. Battery or USB powered, completely waterproof with a multilingual interface, the Soiltest 10 includes the principal soil nutrient tests and can be enhanced with up to 30 additional User Defined Tests. The Soiltest 10 is equipped with Bluetooth SMART technology for smartphone and tablet connection and upload and sharing of key soil data via the Aqua Pal app and the secure Palintest Portal.

Multiparameter Pocket Sensor Included
Test for soil pH, soil conductivity and soil salinity in a simple, waterproof and battery-powered Pocket Sensor. Calibration solution for conductivity and pH buffers are included in the SKW 500.

Validated Data
Included in the SKW 500 are Check Standards for the Soiltest 10 Bluetooth photometer and calibration/validation standards for pH and conductivity.

Integrated Work Surface
A key component of our portable laboratory range, the inclusion of a hinged, wipe-clean work surface within the case provides a ‘go anywhere’ platform for soil testing.

Aqua Pal App for Data Storage, Download, and Sharing
Upload test data directly from the Soiltest 10 Bluetooth using the free Aqua Pal app for iOS and Android devices equipped with Bluetooth SMART connectivity. Add additional data for other parameters/observations and data tagged with GPS data for sample location. Share soil test data with colleagues and customers directly from the Aqua Pal app or using the secure Palintest Portal.

Rugged Protective Carry Case
Field work is tough on equipment and protecting the contents of the SKW 500 is key to the portable approach. Secured inside an IP67 waterproof case with high-density foam insert for component protection, the contents of the Complete Soil Kit are safe in any environment.

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