Palintest Nitrate (Nitratest) Comparator 250 Tablets

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These tablets are suitable for Palintest block comparators with capability for measuring Nitrate.

These tablets measure Nitrate 0 - 15mg/l N

Each box contains 250 tablets.

Contains 1 + 2 tablets.

These tablets are suitable for Palintest block test kits for measuring Nitrate.

In the Palintest Nitratest method nitrate is first reduced to nitrite, the resulting nitrite is then determined by a diazonium reaction to form a reddish dye.

The reduction stage is carried out using the unique zinc-based Nitratest Powder, and Nitratest Tablet which aids rapid flocculation after the one minute contact period. The test is conducted in a special Nitratest Tube - a graduated sample container with hopper bottom to facilitate settlement and decanting of the sample.

The nitrite resulting from the reduction stage is determined by reaction with sulphanilic acid in the presence of N-(1-naphthyl)-ethylene diamine to form a reddish dye. The reagents are provided in a single Nitricol tablet which is simply added to the test solution.

The intensity of the colour produced in the test is proportional to the nitrate concentration and is measured by comparison against colour standards using a Palintest Comparator and Disc.

Sku: AK 184

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