Palintest Hardness Tablet Count Method (Reagents only)

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Bottle of Hardness tablets to test for levels of hardness in natural and treated water.

0-500mg/l CaCO3

Pack Size: 250

SKU: AS 096

Test Range

The test is normally carried out on a 50 ml sample although a larger sample may be used if a lower test range is required. The table below indicates the sample size appropriate to various hardness test ranges :-

Test Range                                          Sample Size

0 – 100 mg/l CaCO3                               200 ml

0 – 250 mg/I CaCO3                               100 ml

0 – 500 mg/l CaCO3                                 50 ml

Test Procedure

1. Select the sample size appropriate to the hardness range under test. Take a sample of the correct size in the Palintest sample container.

2. Add one Hardness tablet and shake the container until the tablet disintegrates.

3. Continue adding tablets one at a time in this manner until the colour of the solution changes from plum red to blue.

4.Note the number of tablets used and calculate the result from the formula below appropriate to the sample volume taken :-

Sample Size                Calculation - Hardness (mg/1 CaCO3)

200 ml                          = (No of Tablets x 10) - 5

100 ml                          = (No of Tablets x 20) - 10

50 ml                            = (No of Tablets x 40) - 20

This test measures total hardness, ie the total content of calcium and magnesium ions in the water. For the specific measurement of calcium hardness and magnesium hardness, refer to the Palintest Calcium Hardness Test. 

For the measurement of low levels of hardness in softened waters, use the Palintest Hardness LR or Palintest Hardness VLR tests



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