Palintest Micro 800 Optical Do Meter And Probe, Hard Case

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The Micro 800 Optical DO meter delivers true simplicity for measurement of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) with automatic compensation for atmospheric pressure, temperature and salinity.

The simplest Dissolved Oxygen meter to use in the field – combined measurement of DO, salinity, temperature and barometric pressure for fully automatic compensation of DO results.

No requirement to enter external data or use look-up tables, simply insert the probe and the Micro 800 does the rest.

Key features include:

Optical DO technology – no membrane to change and suitable for all sample types including low or no oxygen measurements

Single probe provides DO, conductivity, TDS, salinity, Seawater Specific Gravity (SSG) and temperature for comprehensive water monitoring.

Data storage for 3,000 result sets including time/date and 3-D position with Micro 800

Link software for download and manipulation.

Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is crucial in the natural environment, in processes such as power generation and breweries/wine production and in the analysis of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) for wastewater quality.

Optical DO measurements provide significant benefits compared to traditional polarographic/galvanic techniques – much reduced/minimal maintenance and the ability to measure in static or low oxygen samples.

The Micro 800 Optical DO meter simultaneously measures temperature, salinity and barometric pressure to automatically correct for effects that create off-set in DO measurements – no factors to enter, no tables to look up.

Insert the probe and the Micro 800 provides you with the correct answer immediately!


DO Range

0 - 50 mg/L (0 - 500%)

DO Resolution

0 - 0.01 mg/L (0 - 0.1%)

DO Accuracy

± 1% reading (0 - 20 mg/L)

DO Calibration

2 point

Conductivity Range

0 - 200 mS/cm

Conductivity Resolution

0.01 µS/cm - 0.1 mS/cm

Conductivity Accuracy

± 1% full scale

Conductivity Calibration

Auto/manual; one point per range

Salinity Range

0 - 70 ppt

Salinity Resolution

0.01 ppt

Salinity Accuracy

± 1% reading

Temperature Range

-5°C – +50°C

Temperature Resolution


Temperature Accuracy



Stores up to 3000 data sets



Real-Time Clock

Time, date and GPS stamp on calibration and stored data

GPS Accuracy

± 10m


5x AA batteries

Dimensions and Weight

180 x 90 x 40 mm, 450g

Additional Information


Micro 800 Optical DO Meter and Probe, supplied in a hard case


Replacement optical DO probe for Micro 800


Link software for Micro 800


Replacement optical DO cap set for Micro 800


USB cable for Micro 800


Zero oxygen solution, 500 ml

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