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Boiler Water Test Kit - Engineers

Test kit for complete analysis, ideal for service engineers.

Stock Code -56K000201

Boiler Water Test Kit - Engineers


Alkalinity 0-2400mg/l

Chloride 20-12,000mg/l

Hardness Total 5-60mg/l

Phosphate 0-80mg/l

Sulphite 0-150mg/l

pH Value 0-14.0

Conductivity 0-20,000uS

Temperature 0-100C

Case Containing

Code Product Range Tests / Pack
56R003990 P+OH Alkalinity Drop Test 0-2400 mg/l Ca CO3 100+
56R004990 Chloride Drop Test 20-12,000 mg/l Cl- 100+
56R006690 Hardness (Total) Drop Test 5-60 mg/l CaCO3 100+
146250W Phosphate HR CHECKIT® Compatator Disc 0-80 mg/l PO43- --
511980 Phosphate CHECKIT® Reagent Pack 0-80 mg/l PO43- 100
56R009190 Sulphite Drop Test 25-150 mg/; Na2SO3 100+
194800 SD Hand-Held pH Meter pH 0-14.00 --
194802 SD 70 Hand-Held conductivity & temperature meter 0-20,000µS, 0-100°C --

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