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A professional laboratory heavy metals analysis system, incorporating the revolutionary Metalyser® technology housed in a benchtop unit, offering enhanced levels of precision.

The powerful Metaware software permits multi-point standard addition analysis, and with the manual peak height calculation function, peaks can be measured that automatic techniques cannot detect.

The spreadsheet function can average data, calculate correlation coefficients, draw best fit lines and calculate the original sample concentration.

With these tools the laboratory user can detect levels as low as 1ppb with confidence.

With a range of 16 possible parameters, the HM5100 is an extremely powerful instrument for laboratory heavy metal analysis.

Features & benefits of HM5100

Feature Benefit
Pre-loaded method parameters for the analysis of 16 heavy metals Easy to use, both for inexperienced technicians, and technically-minded water quality analysts
Fully compatible with portable Metalyser® instruments and reagents Considerably reduced cost when fully equipping a heavy metal screening program
Low capital and running costs, no need for gas lines, extraction apparatus, temperature control A genuinely cost-effective alternative to traditional laboratory analysis techniques

Limits of detection

Parameter Lower Limit of Detection (ppb) WHO Guideline Value (ppb)
Antimony Sb 10 <20
Arsenic (III) As (III) 1 <10
Arsenic (Total) As (Total) 10 <10
Bismuth Bi 10 N/A
Cadmium Cd 1 <3
Chromium Cr (VI) 50 <50
Cobalt Co 20 N/A
Copper Cu 1 <2000
Gold Au 10 N/A
Lead Pb 1 <10
Manganese Mn 1 <100
Mercury Hg 1 <6
Nickel Ni 10 <70
Selenium Se 5 <40
Thallium Tl 1 N/A
Tin Sn 10 N/A
Zinc Zn 5 <4000

Technical Specifications

Analytical principle: Anodic & Cathodic stripping voltammetry using disc working electrodes
Parameters measured: Antimony, Arsenic (III), Total Arsenic, Bismuth, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Lead, Manganese, Mercury, Nickel, Selenium, Thallium, Tin, Zinc

Operating Temperature: 0°C to +70°C

Data evaluation:
Peak height calculation, base line subtraction, standard addition, calibration curve, linear regression/spreadsheet calculation

User Interface:
Full PC control via USB or wireless connectivity
Metaware Benchtop graphical control software

12-15V DC, 1.5A, 2.1mm DC jack (Optional battery supply)

CE Mark

Instrument Dimensions: 370mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 210mm (D); net weight: 3.5Kg

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