Hanna Instruments-96734 Free and Total Chlorine Meter, High Range

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Responding to the user's requirements for analysing high concentrations of chlorine, Hanna offers Hanna Instruments-96734, which permits free and total chlorine analysis up to 10.00 mg/mL.

Photometer for Free and Total Chlorine, high range

Designed to measure the free and total chlorine content of water, the Hanna Photometer for High Range Free and Total Chlorine is ideal for use in a wide range of applications.

Offering high levels of accuracy as well as being water resistant, portable and easy to use, this meter is hugely popular with operators across the food, laboratory and water industry.

A measurement range of 0.00 to 10.00 mg/L, makes it the optimum solution for quick, efficient and economical chlorine measurement. Where it is necessary to measure total chlorine as well as the amount of free chlorine in the water, the HI 96734 offers a perfect two in one solution.

Its use varies from light duty application in surface sanitation to heavy duty disinfection of medical devices or removal of microorganism infections in piping systems. The advantage of chlorine over peroxide type disinfectants is that chlorine not only is a strong oxidant, it also is capable of breaking tough chemical bounds found in cell walls or biofilms. Correct and effective use of bleach/chlorine requires understanding of the chemical nature of the disinfectant.

Also available as a full kit Hanna Instruments-96734C - scroll to bottom of page for further details

Key features

  • Clear display messages make the instrument quick and easy to operate.

  • The powerful Cal Check calibration function means that there is no need to return the instrument to the laboratory to check its efficiency. Samples can be checked and validation confirmed at the press of a button.

  • Positive locking system ensures the cuvette is located in the same position each and every time is it placed in the measurement cell.

  • Auto shut off feature turns meter off after 10 minutes of non-use to save battery life.

  • Fully water resistant

  • Clear easy to use function buttons

  • Direct readout of parameter measured

  • Calibration check solution available - HI 96734-1

Designed for precision

With the Hanna calibration check validation function, users can verify the performance of the meter quickly and easily at any time. Using Hanna NIST traceable standards, it takes just a few moments to check the accuracy of the instrument and to recalibrate as and when necessary.

All new instruments are factory calibrated at source and the electronic and optical design of the Hanna photometers minimises the need for frequent calibration. The Hanna calibration check further minimises the frequency with which instruments need to be returned to the calibration laboratory for full servicing.

Order information

  • Meter only (HI -96734): 2 glass cuvettes, 9V battery

  • Full kit (Hanna Instruments-96734C): 2 glass cuvettes, 9V battery, attaché case, calibration check standards, cleaning cloths

NB: reagents ordered separately

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