Hanna Instruments-96700C Ammonia Portable Photometer Kit, low range

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The portable photometer is for the measurement of ammonia nitrogen in fresh & salt water samples.

Hanna Instruments-96700C Ammonia Portable Photometer Kit

Present naturally in surface and wastewaters, ammonia mainly results from the deamination of organic nitrogen-containing compounds and hydrolysis of urea. Ammonia may also be present from water treatment processes that utilise chloramines for disinfection, where ammonia is added to the water to react with chlorine. Ammonia is less likely to appear in groundwater due to absorption to soil particles.

  • CAL Check - Allows for performance verification and calibration of the meter using NIST traceable standards

  • GLP – Review of the last calibration date

  • Auto-shut off – Automatic shut off after 10 minutes of non-use when the meter is in measurement mode. Prevents wastage of batteries in the event the meter is accidentally left on

  • Battery status indicator – Indicates the amount of battery life left

  • Built-in timer – Display of time remaining before a measurement is taken. Ensures that all reading are taken at the appropriate reaction intervals for the test being performed

  • Error message – Messages on display alerting to problems including no cap, high zero, and standard too low

  • Cooling lamp indicator – To maintain the desirable wavelength to be used for absorbance, it is necessary to ensure components are not overheated from the heat generated by the tungsten lamp. Each photometer is designed to allow a minimal amount of time for components to cool. The cooling lamp indicator is displayed prior to a reading being taken

  • Units of measurement – Appropriate unit of measure is displayed along with reading

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