Hanna Instruments-904 Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator for moisture determination

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The Hanna Instruments-904 Karl Fischer Coulometric titrator is an automatic titrator that complements our wide range of products dedicated to efficient and accurate laboratory analysis. Measures 1ppm to 5% water content.

The Hanna Instruments-904 analyses for water content ranging from 1ppm to 5%. This powerful titrator effectively monitors the KF reaction, detects the endpoint, and performs all necessary calculations and graphing.

Features include:

  • Precision dosing system by generator electrode – 400mA pulsed current, available with or without a diaphragm

  • Molecular sieve desiccant – prevents the ingress of ambient humidity into the sealed solvent system while maintaining full titrator functionality; Regenerated at 300°C

  • Sealed Cell – generator electrode; Dual pin bivoltammetric platinum sensing electrode; Molecule sieve desiccant cartridge; Replaceable septum for liquid sampling port; Accessory port

  • Built-in stirrer – Automatic, integrated magnetic stirrer adjustable from 200-2000RPM; optical feedback for automatic speed control

  • Sealed solvent system – Change to fresh reagent in a matter of seconds without opening titration vessel; minimises exposure to ambient humidity; PTFE tubing is resistant to harsh KF Chemicals; sealed tube holder to collect PTFE tube after exchanging reagent

  • PTFE bottle cap – Caps fit any GL45-threaded bottle; chemical-resistant caps and fittings; removable desiccant cartridges

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