Hanna Instruments-8001-0200D Fertigation controller with priority for pH and EC, panel mount, 16 sectors, 230V

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For use in the Hydroponics and greenhouse industries, the Hanna Instruments-8001-0200D will control a ready-made mixture of nutrients and water delivered straight to the roots of the growing crops. Priority is pH and EC.

Hanna Instruments-8001-0200D Fertigation controller for 16 Sectors

For use in the Hydroponics and greenhouse industries, the Hanna Instruments-8001-0200D will control a ready-made mixture of nutrients and water delivered straight to the roots of the growing crops. Priority is pH and EC.

The Hanna Instruments-8001-0200D is designed to be panel mounted and measures 178mm x 260mm x 116mm (7.1 x 10.4 x 4.6 inches). Weight: 3.4kg (7.5lb). 230V.

All models are PC compatible, have an alarm and warning system, and a backlit LCD Display as well as many other features listed in the description tab.

The Hanna Instruments-8000 series most important features:

Irrigation Control – water volume, irrigation time and solar radiation. Five priority levels with up to 99 repetition.

Irrigation Programs – up to 10 programs with different irrigation parameters. One pH and one EC set point.

Irrigation Water – Quality of water is assured by proper control of pH and quantity of nutrients present in irrigation water.

Fertilisation control - Fertiliser can be dosed during irrigation using the Venturi tubes principal or with motorised valves. The system supports dosing from four fertiliser tanks with specific receipts.

pH Control - The pH control is performed in order to adjust the pH of water to the irrigation program set point. pH correction can be performed with alkaline or acid solution based on the characteristic of the incoming water. The control of pH and EC is performed with PID, PI or proportional control. The tuning of the PID Control can be accomplished manually or automatically by the PID auto-tuning feature.

Agitators and filter cleaning - The automatic control of agitators used in fertiliser tanks and filter cleaning systems complete the needs of a standard fertigation system. Fertilisers are mixed in their tanks based on the agitators programme to keep the fertiliser concentration constant.

Redundancy of EC and pH Probes - For safety reasons, the systems can be equipped with two conductivity probes and two pH electrodes in redundancy so that the system can generate an alarm in the case of reading differences between them. A third conductivity probe can be mounted to verify and compensate the incoming water conductivity.

Logging System - The logging of the controller can be selected on three levels: input reading variations, statistics of readings (average of pH and EC), or events, for example start of programmes.

Alarm System - The alarms of these systems are related to measured water quality parameters like conductivity and pH, out of range, varying readings between redundant probes, overdosing of conductivity or acid or alkaline correction solution, tanks at a low level, or no dosing detected by counter movement.

Sensor Connections - All the sensors –EC, pH, and temperature are connected to the controller via transmitters.

pH and EC are temperature compensated on the transmitter level. The output of analogue transmitters can be calibrated at two points for pH and conductivity.

User interface and digital connection - The user interface is based on a 4 x 20 character line LCD, organised for settings and consultancy. The UI has multi-language support. The RS232 connection permits the connection to a PC.

Internal back-up system - Complete with a special feature – in case of losing external power, the controller will stop the irrigations and memorise the irrigation programs that were not performed. The controller will start from the uncompleted programs after power has been restored. The programs will be executed based on their priority level with full respect of the quantity of irrigation water, pH level, and concentration of fertilisers.

Additional features include control of the external power supply and control of mixing of different water sources, for instance clean water and drain irrigation water.

Required Accessories:

Hanna Instruments-98143-22 pH/EC isolated transmitter, 4-20 mA sourcing current output

One transmitter is needed in configuration with 1 EC probe and 1 pH probe (no probe redundancy feature).

Two transmitters are needed in configuration with 2 EC probes and 2 pH probes (for probe redundancy feature).

Three transmitters are needed in configuration with 3 EC probes and 2 pH probes (for probe redundancy feature and EC water incoming compensation).

Recommended Accessories:

  • Hanna Instruments-1001 Flow-thru double junction pH electrode with BNC Connector and 3m (10ft) cable. (1 or 2 electrodes are needed (2 electrodes for probe redundancy feature).

  • Hanna Instruments-3001 flow-thru 4 Platinum ring EC probe with built-in temperature sensor and 3m (10ft) cable. 1, 2, or 3 probes are needed (2 for probe redundancy feature; 3 for probe redundancy feature and EC water incoming compensation).

  • Hanna Instruments-60542 Electrode Holder for Direct Pipe (order according with the total amount of ordered probes).

  • Hanna Instruments-710006 230VAC to 12VDC power adapter

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