Hanna Instruments-2001/1 ORP Process Electrode complete with 1m cable & BNC

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Hanna Instruments-1000 and Hanna Instruments-2000 series incorporate a BNC connector that enables connection to any pH/ORP meter quickly and easily. Models with 3 or 5 meter cables are available.

The pH and ORP electrodes for continuous flow-thru monitoring combine a polymer reference and double-junction technology to reduce normal contamination from industrial use.

ORP Process Electrode complete with 1m cable & BNC

With this technology, no refilling is required and the electrode can be used in samples such as organic compounds, proteins and heavy metals. In addition, the pH electrodes use a unique annular PTFE junction that minimises clogging.

The industrial probes have a glass body electrode for use in aggressive chemicals and are easy to clean. A PEI protective sleeve gives the electrodes resistance against mechanical stress. Operating limits are -5 to 80°C and pressure up to 6 bar (87 psi).

Both pH and ORP models are available, many of which include a built-in matching pin. Some models also feature a built-in amplifier, which allows for measurements to be taken far from the location of the instrument without requiring a transmitter.

BNC connector

Allows for quick and easy connection to any pH/ORP meter or transmitter.

PTFE junction

The electrode has a unique clog resistant junction that enhances both probe life and accuracy


PVDF body

PVDF withstands high pressure and high temperature applications, and guarantees a high chemical and mechanical resistance.

Sensor Type

Platinum sensor provides the best response over a wide range of applications while gold sensors are required for measurement of cyanide or highly oxidative environments.

Internal matching pin

Avoid typical problems caused by grounding loop current, such as progressive damage of the electrode, fluctuating measurements, and poor process regulation.

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